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Thursday, April 06, 2017

Life and Patches Workshops

Life ...
The box of Dustin's forgotten boots was returned to me because the 'send' label came off. I quick took it back to the post office and they shipped it out again at no extra charge. How nice is that?

While Evie helped clean for an elderly lady from church, I got to take care of Teryn and Rusty.

I'm ready to go buy a new washing machine. The clothes wrapping around the agitator is quite bothersome.

... as a Quilter
My sister Polly gifted me with lots and lots of basting pins. I was so glad for them today getting Josiah's quilt ready for machine quilting.

Recently I have taught my "Patches" class in Virginia ...

... and Mississippi.

I just love the creativity of the students and ...

... their choices for the silhouettes.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Weeping for Home

Weeping for Home

Psalm 137


In the course of human history, many people have faced exile or been forced to seek new lives far from the shores of home. These refugees carry in their hearts memories of family, friends, and familiar landscapes that shine like treasured jewels in the darkness of uncertain futures. Weeping for Home is the fourth in a series of willow trees. This piece depicts a scene from Psalm 137, in which the Israelite captives wept by the rivers of Babylon when they remembered Zion, their former home. Their captors demanded they play music and sing, but the despondent slaves hung their harps on willow trees that lined the river, unable to sing the Lord's song in a foreign land. The lattice background hints at the Israelite's confinement, while the blurred colors reflect the loss of their distinction as God's special and separate people, His treasure.

Weeping for Home was created using fused commercial cotton fabrics and quilted with Superior thread.

Creations by Nina-Marie 

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Another Willow

I'm in the process of making another "Willow" art piece. It looks like this and measures 25"X20."

If you look close, you can see harps dangling from the branches. I'm trying to depict a portion of Psalm 137, "we hanged our harps on the willows." What would be a good name for this piece?

And yes, it will be for sale. $350

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Weeping Willow -- Fiber Art

This small piece measures 8"X11" and is made from commercial cottons. It is heavily stitched with Superior's variegated Fantastico thread. I'm calling it "Weeping Willow" trying to depict green and sorrow.

Weeping Willow


The back is finished by facing with hand stitched finishing.


I'm finally caught up with our fiber art group's challenge. 

Blue / Bird -- A Resting Place II
Yellow / Catastrophe -- Turmoil
Green / Sorrow -- Weeping Willow

 Creations by Nina-Marie 
 Freemotion by the River
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